Stop Navigation" Is a Terrible Idea

Websites are designed to help users find the information they need as quickly and easily as possible. Navigation is a key element of this, and “stop navigation” is a terrible idea. It breaks the user’s flow and makes it harder for them to find what they’re looking for. It’s also bad for search engine optimization (SEO) since it makes it harder for Google and other search engines to crawl and index the site.


We’ve all been there. You’re minding your own business, scrolling through your Facebook feed when suddenly a video starts playing. Or, even worse, an ad pops up and blocks the content you were trying to see.


It’s annoying, right?

Well, some websites are taking this annoyance to the next level by implementing a “stop” button that prevents you from scrolling any further down the page.

The thinking behind this is that it will force users to pay attention to the content on the page, but in reality, it just makes people angry.

Here’s why “stop” buttons are a terrible idea.

1. They’re Annoying

Let’s be honest, the whole point of a “stop” button is to be annoying. It’s designed to interrupt your scrolling and force you to pay attention to the content on the page.


But here’s the thing, people don’t like to be interrupted. We’re used to being in control of our own browsing experience and when someone tries to take that away from us, it just makes us angry.

2. They’re Useless

Even if you can get past the annoyance factor, “stop” buttons are just plain useless. They don’t actually stop you from scrolling, they just make it harder.


And even if they did work, what’s to stop people from just hitting the back button and leaving the site altogether?

3. They’re Bad for Business

At the end of the day, businesses want people to stay on their site and interact with their content. But “stop” buttons do the exact opposite.

They make people angry and frustrated, which leads to less time spent on the site and less engagement with the content. In other words, “stop” buttons are bad for business.

4. They’re User-Hostile

“Stop” buttons are the epitome of user-hostile design. They go against everything we know about how people use the internet.

People want to be in control of their own browsing experience. They want to be able to scroll at their own pace and decide for themselves when they’re done with a page. “Stop” buttons take that control away and that’s why they’re so hated.

5. They’re Just Plain Stupid

At the end of the day, “stop” buttons are just a stupid idea. They don’t work, they’re annoying, and they’re bad for business. There’s just no reason to use them.

So, if you’re thinking about implementing a “stop” button on your website, just don’t. It’s a terrible idea that will only make your users angry.

Actionable Items

  • Don’t use “stop” buttons on your website
  • Design your site in a way that is user-friendly


“Stop” buttons are a terrible idea that will only make your users angry. If you’re thinking about using one on your website, just don’t. There are much better ways to design your site that will be more user-friendly and won’t make people want to leave.

How do I exit navigation on Android?

To exit navigation on Android, tap the three dots in the top right corner of the screen and then tap the X in the top left corner.

How do I turn off navigation on Google Maps?

To turn off navigation on Google Maps, go to the settings cog in the top right corner and select ‘Navigation settings’. From there, you can toggle navigation off.

How to turn off navigation on my Iphone

To turn off navigation on your iPhone, open the Settings app and tap on the General tab. Then, scroll down to the bottom and tap on the Reset button. Finally, tap on the Reset Network Settings option.

The article argues that the “Stop Navigation” feature on websites is a terrible idea because it prevents users from being able to easily navigate to the content they are looking for. The author provides several examples of how this feature can be frustrating and even dangerous.

I agree with the author that the “Stop Navigation” feature is a terrible idea. It is frustrating for users who are trying to find specific content on a website, and it can even be dangerous if someone is trying to find an emergency exit on a website that has this feature enabled.