10 Best Motorcycle Helmet Under 300 Dollars Reviews 2021

Have you been through any accidents while driving a bike? I hope not! but several accidents are occurring each day throughout the world. No one is aware of when and where what can occur with them.

Motorcycles are the most unsafe source of transport these days, so you must look into all the protection you can have before having a ride. 

So just before a ride, don’t forget to wear a sturdy and a strong helmet so you can shield your head and face from any hazards out of control. The stronger the motorcycle helmet the more protected you are. Everything is getting advanced these days, so do these motorcycle helmets. 

The best motorcycle helmets range over $100 and provide you with several features based on the existing technology. The best motorcycle helmet is induced with a Bluetooth connection and an anti-fogging visor as well letting you view the roads ahead and enjoy wearing helmets rather than getting bored.

List Of 10 Best Motorcycle Helmet under 300

Life is the biggest blessing by God so ensure complete safety while riding a motorcycle through the use of the best motorcycle helmet under 300 mentioned below. These protective gears will surely guard you if you properly wear it and not just place it on the petrol tank of a motorcycle.

1. BELL Qualifier Full-Face Helmet

Bell Qualifier Full-Face...
  • Helmet shown with optional tinted...
  • Lightweight Polycarbonate/ABS shell...
  • NutraFog II UV-protected shield which is...
  • Velocity Flow Ventilation system with...
  • DOT approved. Meets the FMVSS 218...

The motorcycle helmet can be the most precious thing in your life. The Bell Qualifier full-face helmet is one of the best motorcycle helmets under 300. This gear won’t lead you to get in touch with any wounds or injuries.

It is a perfectly built lightweight, polycarbonate helmet which has in itself the capability of shielding you so you can get out of any accidents without hurting yourself.

Plus, this helmet reduces road noise and even is an anti-fog and anti-scratch clearing the vision and making it much more durable respectively. Moreover,  a UV shield protects you against sun rays and lets you view the roads without any hindrance. A

wind collar it has reduces wind and the noise and clatter of vehicles on the roads

With all this, this helmet is DOT approved making it favorable for use and it completely meets rules and requirements set by California Air Resources Board.

  • Comfortable to wear
  • Worth the price set for it
  • Perfect visor for perfect fitting
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Top vents are a little fragile

2. GLX Unisex-Adult GX11 Compact Lightweight Full Face Motorcycle Street Bike Helmet

GLX Unisex-Adult GX11 Compact...
  • Boasting a compact, aerodynamic DOT...
  • Multiple conscientiously designed...
  • Trendsetting springs for precise...
  • Removable Breath Guard rerouting the...
  • Fully removable, washable, and...

Manufactured in a way, making it comfortable for the riders to wear it. A shell designed helmet makes it resistant in letting you avoid accidents and tragedies.

The ventilation panels are quite useful in keeping the rider fresh and active. With that, the large lower vent shutters make it super easy to use. It is a large matt black gear letting you view the roads with complete clearance.

Another unique feature, in that it hands over to you the breath guard preventing build-up fog all around the shield. It’s not over, the helmet also has a chin curtain to overcome violent wind flow and noise.

Apart from all this, the inner material made up of microfiber absorbs sweat and allows you to ride with relaxation and comfort.

  • portable and compact lit for its price
  • provides perfect ventilation
  • The nose guard hurts to some extent

3. Daytona Helmets Motorcycle Half Helmet

Daytona Helmets Half Skull Cap...
  • Lightweight, DOT-approved half shell...
  • 1/2 shell biker helmet hugs head for a...
  • Y-strap lock retention system provides...
  • Proper biker headgear & riding gear for...
  • Moisture-wicking inner liner fabric help...

A Daytona motorcycle helmet is DOT approved and is one of the best motorcycle helmets under 300. Drive at a fast speed without worrying about security and safety but if you are wearing Daytona’s motorcycle helmet. 

This Daytona helmet is available in several sizes so now you don’t have to scroll down or move to other websites as it is available in whatever size you want. Besides this, the adjustable chin strap won’t be causing any problems for the riders by nipping their hairs, so by avoiding all the obstacles, drive your motorcycle with complete ease and safety.

The helmet won’t lose its quality as it won’t lose its colours or break down after a long time usage. Moreover, the 90-day money-back guarantee is somewhat a great deal so you can check the helmet out if there’s any defect so return that back.

  • Fits perfectly
  • The helmet is lightweight, though a sturdy and a substantial one
  • It allocates a flawless chin strap for you to experience the best riding
  • The mushroom design makes it unlikable amongst people

4. Vega Helmets Warrior Motorcycle Half Helmet

Vega Helmets Unisex-Adult...
  • The Rebel Warrior Motorcycle Half Helmet...
  • FEATURE-LOADED – The Rebel Warrior...
  • SAFE – Meets or exceeds US DOT FMVSS...

Don’t just rely on the natural causes for getting protected upon encountering mishaps. The natural causes are somewhat helpful but you need to put your effort in as well. The Vega helmets are designed in a way that they are ultimately compatible for both genders and that’s one of the pre-eminent features that it has that leads it to be one of the best motorcycle helmets under 300.

Not just this, the sun shield that Vega has arrayed the helmet with protects you against the sun rays, the heavy raindrops, bugs and sediments. The new sized custom dial system that is equipped with grants perfect fitting options. Along with that, the Vega helmet confirms all the safety regulations and being vented with EPS liner lets you relish your vehicle riding.

Nonetheless, you are even issued a 5-year warranty so you can overcome any defects and flaws, if they arise. So then, purchase it and wear this helmet as an honour-a protection seal for your life.

  • It is easy to put on and off
  • The release strap and adjustable knob lead to perfect fitting
  • The helmet is extremely durable and resistant to scratches and mishaps
  • The sizes provided are inaccurate
  • Spectacles don’t fit under the shield

5. HJC 980-614 IS-MAX II Modular Motorcycle Helmet

HJC Unisex Adult is-MAX II...
  • Meets DOT Safety Standard FMVSS 218

A perfect partner for you while driving. The only way you can go through accidents without leading yourself to the hospital or even out of the world.

It is manufactured by the use of advanced polycarbonate not just making it firm but even portable and compact through the use of computer-aided design technology.

Moreover, it will defend you against ultraviolet rays. The sun shield shields you against the sun rays preventing your skin tone to get dull or even your blood pressure to pop up. With all this, the advanced ventilation is well fitted for air circulation letting the heat and humidity to move out.

So you can also choose this one because it’s similar to other best motorcycle helmets allowing you to relish all the features with safety and comfort.

  • Being one of the best helmets, it fits perfectly
  • Provides perfect ventilation and chin strap leading to relaxing and comfort riding
  • The front of the helmet is unstable and ramshackle
  • Some clients received faulty helmets

6. Daytona Helmets Motorcycle Open Face Helmet

Daytona Helmets Motorcycle...
  • IMPORTANT SIZING NOTE: Our helmets are...
  • PROTECT YOUR BRAIN! The fact that this...
  • FOR SMALL & BIG HEADS - If you've been...
  • BUY TRUE D.O.T. ONLY! Many helmets that...
  • NO PINCHING! The last thing you want to...

Daytona is quite experienced in producing high-quality helmets so I am sure you won’t have a bad time using this helmet and it is one of the best motorcycle helmets under 300, ah sorry, it’s even under 100 dollars. 

This gear won’t allow any object to lead any harm to your brain. The Daytona helmet is one of its features and is one of the highly valued ones amongst the people. It is an open helmet letting you grab any size as per your heads.

If you are worried that your helmet’s interior will be nipping your hairs then you must not fret for that because the helmet was designed keeping in mind the friendly features that the user has a right to claim after paying for the helmet.

  • The outside, matt black appearance looks lustrous
  • It is a decent looking slim helmet almost weighing nothing
  • Some users complained regarding the necessity of styrofoam protection or padding on the top

7. TORC T1 Unisex-Adult Retro Full-face-Helmet

TORC T1 Unisex-Adult Retro...
  • T1 Helmets run on the large side!!!
  • Fiberglass Tri-Composite Shell, Front...
  • Removable Shield, Faux Suede Liner, Meet...
  • Padded Chin Strap with D-Ring Closure,...
  • Anti-Fog & Anti-Scratch Shield,...

Torc’s simple designed helmet is suitable for both the genders. Manufactured by the 3 layers of fiberglass, makes the shell sturdier and stronger than it looks. Upon its physical appearance, it isn’t just as good as others in this list but you must remember that everything that looks like gold from outside isn’t the same from inside.

So anything that doesn’t appear that much impressive from the outside, may serve you the longest. And the Torc is just charging around 240 dollars due to its high durability and decent build-up. 

A couple of vents like metal mesh chin vent and the exhaust vent are there to provide you with comfort wear and even lead the ventilation to go on effectively. With that, it’s a Retro Style helmet with enhanced and better features of the technology available these days, thus increasing the safety and comfort zone for you to cherish.

The Torc’s helmet is DOT approved and it meets federal motor vehicle security standards, hence making it more convenient for you to select it.

  • Probably the most comfortable helmet, according to a few clients
  • extremely light and portable
  • Provides absolute viewing facility
  • Perfect sizing as per the size chart
  • Little noisy
  • Good at diverting the wind with effectiveness

8. Motorcycle Open Face Helmet

Motorcycle Open Face Helmet...
  • Open Face 3/4 Design Shell Offers...
  • Dual Visor Design :inner Retractable...
  • Inner Lining Pads Are Fully Removable...
  • Fully Adjustable Flow-through...
  • DOT FMVSS 218 Approved for US Safety...

This one is also a DOT approved helmet build up to provide you with the basic safety which is necessary for you to have while riding.

The helmet is ideal for the sun visor system which is extremely durable. It is resistant against scratches. Moreover, it protects you against UV

rays and it even provides you with a large area of vision. Along with the vision, the ventilation is even quite crucial. The helmet’s aerodynamic shell proven fair flow of air throughout allowing you to control the elements.

Plus, the interior is removable and washable. It isn’t it but the interior is induced within a perfect chin strap quick release buckle. All the features add up to provide an absolute experience in whichever size you want.

  • The screen visor provides you with a perfect viewing experience
  • The outside look of the helmet is incredible and the paint is even glossy
  • Extremely superb quality helmet just under 100 dollars
  • The actual sizes of the helmets delivered are different in comparison to the sizes displayed on charts

9. LS2 Helmets Rebellion Motorcycle Half Helmet

LS2 Helmets Rebellion...
  • Adjustable Twin Shield System Drop-down...
  • DOT approved. Meets the FMVSS 218...
  • Bluetooth ready for seamless...
  • Flow-through ventilation
  • Technical fabric liner is...

You might know about Harley Davidson. These helmets are greatly kindred with cruiser riders. The LS2 brand has brought this ideal rebellion motorcycle half helmet in the market. 

It is a black color helmet designed in a way to attract the riders. Not just the appearance but even the features speak a lot. Firstly, the kinetic polymer alloy has been used to raise this helmet with the perfect resistant quality.

Secondly, the sun visor lets you avoid UV rays, and as it is built through the use of polycarbonate so that’s why it highly opposes the scratches and is resistant against wear and tear.

Thirdly, it allows the riders to communicate with anybody quite easily through the use of Bluetooth. Finally, the fabric liner is removable and washable so you can keep complete maintenance of your helmet.

It will be a perfect one to buy, either you are working as a bike driver or even for casual use.

  • The inner liner can be removed and washed easily
  • Anti-allergic
  • Speakers and Bluetooth facilities are available
  • Drop-down sunshade protects your half face
  • Fitting was the only problem that was put up by the users

10. Motorcycle Motocross ATV Helmet

Motorcycle Motocross ATV...
  • Outstanding Materials: Aerodynamic ABS...
  • Designed with Multiple Air Vents and...
  • Durable Aerodynamic Helmet Suits Atv,...
  • DOT Certified for Safety - Meets or...
  • Streamlined Aerodynamic Design Reduces...

This one is one of the best motorcycle helmets under 300. The motocross ATV helmet is built up of aerodynamic ABS shell with a perfect chin strap quick-release buckle for complete fitting. It is one of the most used helmets as it even provides a perfect environment for breathing through the vents induced in the helmet.

Just similar to other best motorcycle gears, it is DOT certified and with the guarantee of safety, it also reduces the wind noise pushover. So indeed! it won’t be a bad option to consider.

  • The helmet fits perfectly and provides a cosy and secure environment
  • It isn’t expensive at all
  • The gear is quite stout and sturdy
  • Some of the clients aren’t happy with the quality

Buying Guide For The Motorcycle Helmet 2020

No compromises on life! That’s it. Searching for the best helmet is seriously a tired and weary job. The list above enlists every helmet according to the buying guide that I’ll disclose below, so selecting a helmet from this available list won’t concern you a lot, just trust me. 

Now then! What to look for?

The outlook and style

The formation of the helmet does matter. Everyone does look for a helmet that suits their appearance. 

The aerodynamically designed helmets are eye-catching and everyone tends to look for a one that’s pleasing to the eye. There are several helmets available based on different designs, patterns and styles along with bright and contrasting colours. Mushroom-shaped helmets are also available in the market but a major proportion of people dislike them, so it is up to you which one to purchase.

Helmet’s standards

The appearance of the helmet is quite important but the quality is somewhat more substantial. Everyone wants their belongings to last long. Just perfectly assure yourself that the helmet you are buying is manufactured with the best-ever material that it inculcates in itself the capability to protect you. 

Also, check that the visors are anti-scratch and even ensure that it provides you with the best vision and can shield you against dust and UV rays while riding. Make sure to buy the helmet that has high endurance qualities against irregularities.

The Ventilation

Everyone needs proper breathing space and no one likes getting congested under a helmet. A helmet must have in itself the ability of perfect air circulation so keep calm and cool and even fresh.

Poor ventilation leads to a warmer environment under the helmets letting you sweat and can even cause breathing issues. Eventually, you might put off the helmet so be careful to look for a helmet that guarantees a proper ventilation system.

With all that, the helmet must be lightweight and must aim to provide you with comfort and relaxation during long journeys. 

So buy a helmet according to the buying guide to relish your journeys.


The helmet must have everything that can secure you, it should be highly modified because all these advancements are now the necessity for all of us around. 

Our best pick for today is BELL Qualifier Full-Face Helmet. It provides each and everything you need to secure your head and brain and indirectly your life. 

The absolute look, ventilation, visor and it’s every other feature gives it an edge over others. No doubt, the other helmets are one of the best as well but BELL’s helmet is high on demand making it much more convenient for you to use.

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