A quality widescreen is crucial to a stock trader. If you’re initiating a career in day-trading, you might possibly rely on your laptop or general outdated desktop, but investing on an advanced reliable monitor is listed among the priorities in order to excel in such a field. 

Good size display eliminates any possible eye-fatigue and allows you a better hold on lengthy tiresome lists, chats and trading decisions. For a trader, it seems vital to rely on multiple monitors at a time for efficient results. Well, it’s a long-gone concept as monitors now a days are designed to accommodate the purpose of multiple screens in one single vivid display. A 30 to 40-inch display can easily manipulate your thoughts into prioritizing a monitor for the stock trading realm. A smaller screen size is still adjustable to needs if it bargains through other effective features like frameless design, crystal sharp visuals, a brilliant refresh rate or improved aspect ratio.


While reviewing various different sets of proficient monitors, we gathered for you a bunch of 10 most qualified desktop screens for the use of day-traders.

  1. Dell U2415
  2. Asus PB278Q
  3. Dell P Series
  4. Acer R240HY
  5. Samsung Curved Monitor
  6. HP VH240a
  7. Acer V277U
  8. ViewSonic VX3276
  9. Samsung LS34J550
  10. LG Electronics 43UD79

1. DELL U2415

Starting my recommendations from the best budget-friendly stock trading monitor that is designed to be thin and sturdy and keeps you up with efficient computing all day long. Although screen size doesn’t really match other high-end computers in the list, superb display features and monitor design backs up your insecurities with this Dell monitor. 

IPS anti-glare LED screens give you the best viewing angle and 1920 x 1200 display resolution helps you keep a better check on stock records. The well collaborated monitor adjusts the screen at 16:10 aspect ratio and 24-inch widescreen front produces classy images with 60 HZ of refresh rate for professionals to get a full hand on efficient note taking in the trading market place.  

the 24-inch screen balances the well-designed sleek body of this desktop and is lifted up with smooth ergonomic adjustments that hands over flexible screen movement on top of the hinges. Making it super usable and flexible to all needs.

Dell U2415 has emerged as a reliable technology and with a variety of exciting features, it is recommendable to stock traders. Offering an ample amount of connectivity options including USB 3.0, 3.0 upstream, HDMI, etc. the desktop is truly beneficial to any workaholic out there.

  • Slim classy design
  • Good Screen size
  • Adjustable screen location, height, pivot, tilt
  • Satisfactory refresh rate
  • Low contrast ratio
  • Unable to support variable refresh rates

2. ASUS PB278Q

If you are looking around hunting for a day trading monitor, this must surely be reviewed. For stock-traders, Asus PB278Q with the renowned gold-standard display gives you the leverage to handle lengthy price lists, detailed orientation and to manage most of your computer tasks efficiently. 

This professional desktop launched by Asus is compatible with day traders with their demand for a wide clear screen as it offers 27-inches of an enchanting display topped over the computer body. A refresh rate of 75 Hz is versatile and well-supports a QHD resolution of 2560 x 1440.

The IPS LED screen gives users the luxury of 100% RGB color gamut and brilliant viewing angles. It produces thrilling results and a huge variety of popping colors to please your eyes. Moreover, what makes the monitor excel the others is the exclusive eye-care technology to save you from excessive eye fatigue. Especially for stock-traders who usually require an entire day of screen monitoring that can be harmful to an extent. 

The smooth ergonomic lift is standard to a good monitor and Asus brings forth an exceptional screen rotation, tilting, and lifting. This along with smart cable management and a wide variety of external connectivity makes it ideal not only for traders but for any field of interest.

  • Eye care feature with blue light technology
  • Brilliant widescreen QHD display
  • Good refresh rate
  • Full range color gamut
  • Advanced ergonomic adjustments
  • Costly
  • Thick Bezels


For the wide screen lovers, Dell P series monitors are like a dream come true. Featuring an enormous screen size of 42.51-inches that not only is brilliant in size but throws a terrific display to indulge your enthusiasm while working on this monitor. Where Dell launches pretty affordable technology to suit the needs of everyone.

However, P series among the list of Dell desktops is not budget-friendly and may drill a hole in your pockets. So, if you are a newbie in the industry or initiating a career in stock trading, you might look somewhere else. Unless you are a professional or an enthusiast, Dell P4317Q is a huge investment. 

It offers you an ultra-HD 4k screen to elevate your working experience with this computer. The details and concentration required in work as a day-trader can easily be resolved with the benefits of exceptional screen quality and crisp visuals on this monitor.

The minimum to zero bezels further enhances the front view thus, revealing high aesthetics of the desktop. Improved cable management features are rarely observed and are often skipped by major computer brands. However, Dell places keen attention towards detailing of this laptop and makes it worth the while, for day traders in their precise computing.

  • Invisible bezels
  • Occupies 37% less energy in contrast to CCFL monitors
  • Excellent color variety
  • High-level contrast ratio
  • Highly calibrated display
  • Expensive

4. ACER R240HY

Another pocket-friendly monitor suitable to day traders. With that being said, the screen although 23.8-inches in size is smaller but produces brilliant visuals without a compromise in quality. Carrying a variety of commendable display features, it is listed as a stock trader monitor and easily compels your instincts to trust this viable technology. 

The IPS screen delivers full HD resolution 1920 x 1080 p and is paired up with a refresh rate of 60 Hz that surely is reliable. The well-calibrated screen transforms your hectic routine work into wonder with 4ms response time and 178 degrees viewing angle can suffice your comfort level with this monitor.

This too is dazzling in design with zero bezels on the right and left widening the front view of the screen. It easily captures maximum visibility extending towards the far end of the corners.  Acer has done a pretty good job manufacturing the decent design loaded with acceptable traits within a pretty affordable package. 250 nits of brightness are not the best but do conquer a clear high-end display graphics.

  • Zero side bezels
  • Full HD resolution
  • Good refresh rate
  • Highly Affordable
  • Average brightness
  • Smaller screen size compared to other monitors
  • Lacks USB 3.0 port


Proficiency of a computer is a major concern but when comes along style in combination with reliability and affordability, what better can you ask for. Samsung has marked its name in the evolving industry and all because of its unique features and mindful design among its gadgets.

Although stock traders are focused more on the quality of a monitor screen, some enthusiasts are blindfolded on the very first look of the curved-screen it presents in this specific model. Which is the reason why it has managed to achieve increasing reviews by many satisfied consumers. 

The curved monitor not alone enhances the comfort level of viewers but 1800 R curvature fulfills the maximum viewing angles providing a 3D effect while working which is unique in experience and classy in appearance. The body is beautified by deep black metallic finish and is slim and sound balancing the entire 23.5-inches screen on top of it.

The curved monitor is one of a kind and does not only satisfy a trading professional with consistent screen usage but also gamers who require exceptional screen dimensions to transform the virtual graphics to life. Also, within a small price tag, Samsung has managed to provide the super comfortability as the eye saver mode in the screen can eliminate your eye fatigue with blue light and flickers. 3000:1 contrast ratio is unimaginable and easily beats many similar units in the category. 

Samsung surrounds many with distinct choices and improved taste in technology. And this specific monitor can easily grace the stock trading realm.

  • Exceptional curved screen dimensions
  • Narrow edged bezels
  • Delicate yet durable and stylish
  • Excellent contrast ratio
  • Super-affordable
  • Eye care feature
  • Average Screen size
  • Low sharpness
  • Lacks USB port

6. HP VH240a 

HP produces some of the most professional monitors in town. VH240a is a wise recommendation for stock traders to carry out all the precise details related to the trade and the stock market. It offers a 23.8-inches widescreen which is common to many compatible monitors for trading. Zero edged bezels add a huge benefit to your screen advancing the overall appearance as well as fulfilling the purpose of multi-screen monitors on a single display.

The full HD screen has an IPS panel and a brilliant color uniformity spread across the entire display edge to edge. As IPS screens have slow response time and so 5ms is justifiable but for day-traders, it isn’t really much of a concern. You can expect an aspect ratio of 16:9 which is not the best but is able to serve the purpose of a multi-screen display on your monitors. The IPS LED is backlit to your surprise and offers a huge color variety of 16.7 million colors to illuminate your working experience. 

Unlike other conventional monitors, HP brings forth built-in speakers as an exciting add-on and reduces the need for additional sound systems for your entertainment purpose. The monitor occupies a vast variety of connectivity slots including HDMI, USB 3.0, and VGA enhancing the usability of this hardware.

Besides many interesting advantages loaded over the precise design of this monitor, the fact that it can deliver 90% rotation and 4-way ergonomic lift including the adjustable height that gives you the best viewing angles for the most comfortable usage, this sure does compel you to praise the reliable technology.

  • Frameless design
  • Built-in speakers
  • Usable connectivity ports
  • Standard aspect ratio
  • Backlit LED
  • Advanced Ergonomic movement
  • Average screen size
  • Slow response time

7. ACER V277U

The 27-inch monitor V2770 is a good equipment to carry out routine computing in the stock marketplace. The widescreen is QHD in nature with 2560 x 1440-pixel resolution that can serve the purpose of multiple screens on a single wide-angle display as well as clearing out the visuals for providing better details and improved focus throughout the day to day tasks.

The IPS panel is programmed to allow a 75 Hz refresh rate for fully calibrated visuals and 4ms response time is not worthy but can suffice the needs of a day trader. Adaptive sync technology is rare and couples with 350 nits of brightness. The sharp display resolution is contemporary especially with 100 % RGB color diversity in the background to pop up your eyes. 

Acer did a good job building up this monitor with a variety of usable elements that can outlast longer. VESA mounting is a luxury you can obtain especially for workaholics who aim to stick to a single location while working.

Adjustable stands further enhance the comfort for users and help you fix the most suitable position of the screen to work on. Although with a variety of exceptional monitor series in the market, day trading doesn’t require much of a luxury. And if you are on a tight budget, you can certainly get hands on a supreme WQHD with full score RGB and dazzling display quality with many additional features at the cheapest date possible.

  • Built-in speakers
  • VESA mounting
  • Brilliant refresh rate
  • Wide color gamut
  • Narrow-edged bezels
  • Affordable
  • Slow response time
  • Lacks USB ports


This monitor VX3276 appears to be a fashion statement while sitting on your work desks. An extremely slim and sleek body attached with a magnificent wide screen display is ideal to the people of taste.

The monitor occupies a good front view with a marvelous display configuration to satisfy the eyes of users. Especially day traders can make the most out of it as most of their computer tasks relate to precise screen focus and require clear visuals for efficient output performance. 

This system features an ultra-slim frameless screen of 32-inches width and carries full HD resolution. The IPS panel monitors are slow in response time generally but stock traders are the least bothered about it as most of their attention centers at the quality and size of the monitor screen.

Besides, the IPS feature itself is quite beneficial to users and ensures excellent viewing angles. This too is supported with an eye care mode for people to work without an eye strain. Flicker-free technology and Blue light present the most comfortable mode of working consistently with eyes stuck at the screen. 

Although the invisible bezels encourage the multiscreen facility on the monitor helping day traders to work efficiently. Also, view split option further clarifies this advantage throughout your complex mapping and revising stock lists on the multiple screens of a single display.

ViewSonic helps you boost your productivity and is intelligently designed with multiple connectivity options at hand. VGA inputs and HDMI give you vast connectivity despite lacking the major USB ports within the monitor. However, the affordable price tag and defined monitor specs make the system pretty approachable to beginners and experts in the field of trading.

  • Large screen size
  • Eye care and Flicker free technology
  • Invisible bezels
  • QHD monitor
  • Built-in Stereo speakers
  • Affordable
  • Delicate design
  • Lacks USB ports
  • Reflective issues


Another proficient monitor LS34J550 by Samsung takes your trading abilities to a next level. Day traders mostly prefer this high-end screen owing to its special advanced elements to take care of your insecurities of a display while working in the stock realm. The ultra-wide screen is 34-inches large and displays a vivid classy view ahead of you. Not only specified to the needs of trading professionals, but is also popular as a gaming monitor which makes it quite reliable and durable. 

The monitor carries a strong build but is designed to be slim and precise. The magnificent screen resting above the deep metallic stand can thrill you with excitement as it beholds WQHD 3440 x 1440 p resolution and is wide enough to transform single to multiple screen features for efficient computing. The display completely adapts to 75 Hz refresh rate and easily syncs to the fast gaming graphics. 

Above all, the screen features a VA panel that best merges IPS and TN panel advantages and succeeds in producing excellent viewing angles. Besides the WQHD is already better in resolution to full HD and thus, promises a lasting display quality.

Just like other best standard monitors, the contrast ratio is supreme as 3000:1 is not a common ground for many latest monitors in this category. Samsung in this model has managed to instill many usable elements that grab the interest of a working professional or a gamer.  Not entirely a pocket-friendly medium, but compared to many of its rivals, its quite affordable and a good value for money.

  • VA panel
  • Great refresh rate
  • Screen size
  • Excellent contrast ratio
  • WQHD display
  • Standard aspect ratio
  • Slow response time
  • Non-adjustable height


Let’s review this last one in the list but it is certainly not the least. The immense screen size of 42.5-inches makes it worth the while for day traders. The wide display is ultra HD 4k in resolution to enhance the visuals making it all the more fun while using the monitor screen.

The large screen although occupying more space area does a good job penetrating to the full capacity of your work as the single display is capable to exhibit a number of multiple screens in one go. The brilliant zero-edged bezel design further modifies this concept and presents excellent visuals edge to edge throughout the monitor’s screen. 

The system owing to its magnificent characteristics may slightly exceed your pockets but considering versatility connected to this technology, it is a wise investment to your career. The 4k resolution elevates the ranking of this monitor to a gaming screen and delivers a superb display calibration to match the high-end graphics.

Also, it’s rare to find a package of 4 HDMI’s paired with a USB type C port combined within the body. The flexible connectivity makes it more usable and compatible to the needs of a trade. All in all, it’s a good replacement to your sturdy desktop screens and can give you a good hand on excelling in your career as a day trader.

  • Enormous screen size
  • Narrow-edged bezels
  • Screen split feature
  • Ultra 4k resolution
  • Built-in dual speakers
  • Great connectivity including USB and HDMI ports
  • Slightly expensive


To scale up your skills in any field of interest, it is important to grab the right tools. Likewise, stock traders were required to have immense intellect must choose the most suitable medium to excel in their profession. Whether as a beginner or an expert in the field of day-trading, a good monitor can help you all the way through. Keeping in mind the few most important characteristics that your screen must possess, you can easily rely on any good name producing such technology. Rest assured, a monitor worthy of your interests will be the best value for money.

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