10 Best Juicers For Pomegranate 2021 | Reviewed

Nutrients are not the only ones you run for in the case of pomegranate juice, but the way they taste is exquisite. The taste is a forward force that acts upon you to consume pomegranate juice nearly every day. Pomegranates may sometimes taste too sour on eating it directly, so juicing it will be a much better option.

Many of your (the pomegranate lovers) faces turn dull during the summer season. That’s just because you can’t find a way to drink healthy, nutritious pomegranate juices.  Well, your juicers won’t run anywhere, just get yourself set to accept nature and then juice again in the winter seasons. 

Pomegranate juicing is not comfortable until you possess the best juicer for pomegranate. Withdrawing every drop out from those fleshy, read-pearl seeds is not the most straightforward task you encounter. So, being precise and picking out juicer with ultimate vigilance is a must. Head forward while joining hands with us for a long-lasting purchase.

The Top 10 Picks

1. Juicer Wide Mouth Juice Extractor

Juicers are an essential item for making juices. Fresh juices are the main components of an individual diet.  This stainless anti-drip design juicer provides you fresh juice every morning.  The 3 inches feed chute gets juice swiftly without cutting the food and veggies.

It is a professional pomegranate juicer or any other fruit or veggie juicer; it gives you juice in only 15 seconds—a multifaceted dual-speed juicer with lower noise and faster work. “I” – low speed for soft fruits and vegetables and “II”- fast speed for hard fruits and veggies. 

The AICOK juicer has a pulp separator with 12 rows of grinding teeth, which quickly chopped the fruit or veggie, which separate the pulp and juice and provides you a healthy juice full of vitamins and roughage, which make your bones healthy and give you the power and keeps you fit. After reading all these benefits, what awaits you. Go and order now, or you will lose it.   

Moreover, this juicer’s anti-drip function prevents the juice from dripping off and reduces the nuisance of cleaning the kitchen. Further, its simple structure helps in the easy cleanup.

No such pieces of advice to use it up. But to prevent motor overheating, do not use it for a long time without turning it off. Last thing, its warranty for two years gives you a relaxation mode.

  • Easy to clean
  • Simple structure makes it easy to use and put it anywhere
  • 2-year warranty
  • some vibrating issues

2. Mueller Austria Juicer Ultra 1100W Power

Mueller Austria Juicer Ultra...
  • Why The Mueller Ultra Juicer – Under...
  • Dual-speed Versatility - "1" low speed...
  • Clean-ups Are A Snap - Culinary grade...
  • Extra Large 3” Feed Chute - A safety...
  • European Engineered – Designed with an...

Just pomegranate days. Austria’s Muller Juicer will be working out for a few seconds to hand you over the flavorful pomegranate juice. Only 2.2 pounds attain all those qualities that a weighty and an enormous one is issued with. 

This pomegranate press produces 16 ounces of juice without any hindrance and obstructions. Further, the speed range supplied will be fitting for you to select as per your wish. These speeds fall under a couple of categories. Choose either of the ones that gap up with 3000 revolutions per minute.

Being leek and portable worth a lot, yet assisted with a strong foundation laid through stainless steel. The stainless build-up is further joined hands with cleaning issues. Specifically, the stainless steel dish is under the supervision of a micro-mesh filter to efficiently extract, maintain cleanliness, and quickly gather together this pomegranate juicer machine.

The other typical feature is its overload protection system that turns off the juicer as quickly as it is noted to be overheating itself. Equally important is its 3 inches large chute and the anti-drip quality that keeps away the spillage threat.

  • It is dishwater safe
  • Clear and thorough instruction manual
  • Doesn’t cause noise pollution
  • Quick and dexter clean-up
  • Unresponsive customer service
  • The quality seems to create hurdles for it to be the best

3. Gourmia GMJ9970 Large Citrus Juicer

Gourmia GMJ9970 Large Citrus...
  • SIMPLE MECHANISM: Place your fruit in...
  • COMMERCIAL GRADE: The 27.5" tall press...

Another ideal pick from our side. Don’t let any seed pass with even a fraction of a drop of the left in it. All need to be extracted, and here’s Gourmia for you to apply all the force out to bring about the best.

Usage and handling have been as per your wish. Just place the pieces pomegranate in and gently exert the force downwards on the handle to let it process to output the finest fluid ever. 

The next thing that awaits is its extended lifeline: the cast-iron support and handles, the massive use of stainless steel all certify the factor—Juice multiple fruits, especially pomegranate, for years and years from the best pomegranate juicer on Amazon.Suction cups are the add-ons to increment the safety of your best manual pomegranate juicer. This 15.34 pounds will soon be reliving the taste of your tongue buds with the  thrilling pomegranate juice.

  • Suction cups are part of the package ensuring complete safety
  • A small mason jar can easily fit under it
  • Simple operation techniques
  • Quick in functioning
  • The paint gets off onto the juice

4. Large Commercial Juice Press Citrus Juicer

COLIBROX Large Commercial...
  • Professional-quality juicer for the...
  • Ergonomic rubberized handle will...
  • Great for squeezing the most juice...
  • Heavy base for greater stability and...
  • Hand wash cone and funnel parts

Colibrox production! A juicer that will stun you with its outer finish. Such a lovely finishing work in grey by the cast iron and stainless steel. Head bowed to the only creature who handed over such art and the brain to the man to add to the beauty of this best juicer for pomegranate. 

The ergonomic handles with a rubber coating are for your comfy and let it bear 2300 pounds per square inch. Being manual, ask you to apply the force for the juice extrication. The ergonomic design will indeed be resisting the injuries nearing you.

Weighs approximately 15 pounds. The heaviest part is its base that assures stability. Other than that, the long handle is there to provide you ease while functioning. Just the pomegranates aren’t there to be smashed and converted to the liquid form. You can juice any of your favorite fruit out.

  • Worth the money
  • It’s a heavy-duty pomegranate juicer
  • Brisk and simple cleaning process
  • The material of the juicer chips off while juicing
  • Many users aren’t impressed with the juicing effort it puts in

5. ROVSUN Commercial Grade Citrus Juicer Hand Press

ROVSUN Commercial Grade Citrus...
  • FREE SAFETY HAT: Only ROVSUN can send...
  • PREMIUM QUALITY: ROVSUN manual juicer is...
  • LIFELONG SERVICE: We go above and beyond...

Rovsun Juicers are known for the safety measures they like to have for their users. The Juicer comes with a plastic hat that keeps the handle off from falling, locking the appliance’s still position. A rubber grip on the handle too accommodates easy handling of the device in a nutshell. 

It’s effortless to use while having the pomegranate- the most challenging fruit when it comes to extraction. Lay down the half head cut pomegranate on the plate and push the handle down. You’re just a few minutes away from getting an energetic drink for you and yours. 

Stainless steel architecture is just right to cater to hygienic homely and restaurant environments. Above all, the product comes with top-notch customer service that helps you learn better about the functioning of this juicer for pomegranate.

  • Stainless-steel architecture
  • A black plastic hat gives additional support
  • Manually operated
  • Bit heavier with 6.1 kgs of weight

6. Pomegranate Juicer Commercial Grade

This Grey, black pomegranate juicer is precisely what you might be looking for. Let’s check how? Firstly, pomegranate is rather hard to extract. It helps you get done with the extractions quickly. The commercial-grade juicer can even be used in your homes, and I bet you can’t stop loving it. 

A rubberized handle allows a subtle grip and maximum extraction within minutes. Its architecture is made up of cast iron, which eventually gives it sturdy and long-going health.

It is too deemed to produce maximum output with minimal inputs. Your diet has to be carefully monitored and enjoy the seasonal fruits. It’s known that five parts of fruits and vegetables are vital to be taken regularly.

  • Offers 140O PSI on to the fruit
  • Stable base and robust cast architecture
  • Available in 3 different colors
  • It’s a bit heavy
  • The handle is not additionally supported with springs

7. Mueller Masticating Slow-Juicer for-Celery

Mueller Masticating...
  • Superior Value - 100% High quality, new...
  • Unmatched Quality And Safety - We use...
  • Versatile - All of the parts are...
  • Multifunctional - Well-suited to juicing...
  • Superior Customer Service - Backed by an...

Searching for a juicer from a reputed company, then Meller can be of your help. This manual and the best masticating juicer is a high nutrient supplier. It has been titled as multi-functional by the muller itself due to its ability to squeeze any fruit out. 

Get served by the safe juicer pomegranate. All the toxics are to be avoided, with the quality graded products integrated, further assured through the technology of this digitized world. The design and the quality both favor and stand with your health promotion. 

The versatility offered is outclassed the kitchen space to be stored, simply separate up the detachable parts and then what, place it into the safest place possible. The eco-friendly and user-friendly blends together in this variant to ray out the wanted performance.

  • User-friendly and easy to use
  • Versatile pick
  • Bit costly

8. Focus Foodservice 97336

Focus Foodservice 97336...
  • Get Fresh Squeezed Juice - Perfect for...
  • Ergonomic Handle - The sure-grip rubber...
  • Long-Lasting - Constructed from...
  • Perfect for Large Quantities - The press...

Juices are always full of goodness and will keep you healthy and fit heading into the cold-flu season. It, too, will help you combat the viruses and bacterias which are trying to play with your body as a whole. Focus Foodservice brings you the most vital juicers, which allow pomegranates to yield a more significant water percentage of juice in a go. 

This stainless 18/8 bodily construction revives the juicer’s long life and helps you enjoy fresh juices without the risk of acquiring health hazards. We all know that there are serious health hazards concerned with plastic materials. Your kitchen needs to be as protective as it could be. Above all, cleaning Focus Foodservice Juicer is comfortable with its removable strainer cone and funnel cup. 

As the enamel is known to secure the living tissue, dentine in our teeth, likewise, the enamel finish of this juicer will impart known security to this kitchen appliance. It prevents corrosion and pitting of the device, resisting tremendously hard.

Dimensions are appreciable, while a broad base gives it excellent statistical support without letting it fall while using. Try Focus’s best juicer for pomegranate today if you’re seeking the product’s life and vitality altogether.

  • Wide-base gives it better support
  • Enamel finish resists corrosion
  • Stainless steel body reduces the health risks associated with appliances
  • The fruit sitting platform is not as intact as it must have to be
  • A bit costly

9. Cilio Commercial Grade Citrus Press Juicer

Cilio Commercial Grade Citrus...
  • COMMERCIAL GRADE: Elevate your home...
  • CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Enjoying freshly...
  • EASY TO USE: To make fresh fruit juice,...

Your kitchen too needs an up-gradation. Elevate your living standard with Colio Manual Press. It does not just help you get extra pounds of juice for your favorite pomegranates, but it can go along with making juices for any of your favorite fruits and veggies. Ground the fruits on the press and embrace a healthy diet. Why not shift to a raw vegan diet to lower your blood pressures and risks of strokes?

For a better tasting juice, instead, select season fruits and extract the most out of it. Eventually, you’ll be just there to experience the same fundamentals. The sturdy built with a stable base and rubber suction feet helps it reveal its robust architecture. Its body is made up of casted aluminum, making it the lightest to carry within any corner of your kitchen. 

Above all, it offers safe cleanup with removable accessories, which makes dishwashing comparatively easier. A long handle is just there to give subtle support and minimize the efforts needed to squeeze the food up.  Getting a juicer is quite an investment. Try putting your investments in trusted Frieling partner Colio being in the market for 2 decades.

  • Easy to manage
  • Commercial grade juicer
  • LIght weighted, aluminum built
  • Feet scratches the suction points

10. Hamilton Beach 932 Commercial Citrus Juicer

Hamilton Beach 932 Commercial...
  • Rack and pinion gearing for more...
  • Stainless steel strainer cone designed...
  • Multifunctional Removable Juice Cup...
  • Maximum juice extraction the extractor...
  • Material the metal components, as well...

When we talk about Hamilton, it is a brand that understands people’s needs when they need the best juicer. Supposedly, its primes are acid-resistant finish, which is necessary when dealing with citrus fruits. We’ll know these fruits are known to serve an acidic purpose, purely. Stainless steel and cone funnel helps extract the juice of greater pounds and even allow purposeful cleaning. 

You know what? It allows you to extract the maximum amount of juice and works with the most significant efficacy with an extractor arm’s help. Above all, this multi-functioning juice cup allows you to measure pounds of juice extraction along with simultaneous collections of dripping to keep the counter neat and clean. 

Hamilton Beach Commercial Juicer is to-this-date is considered a standard juicing device because of its heavy-duty gears and prime functionality. Get the best juicer all today.

  • Easy to use
  • Less expensive than other juicers
  • Parts of this juicer can be removed for easy cleanup
  • Creates no mess
  • 1-year warranty
  • Expensive

The essentials to look for – Buying Guide

Several necessary features to leap on to. There are some basic specs a juicer must be concentrated with. This is up to you to ponder over them for a successful purchase.

The Juicer Speed

Juicer speed should be fast or slow. Decide yourself while judging the advantages of each of these respective points and your routine. If you search for a quicker output, you have to be in terms of the low content of nutrients. On the other hand, slow juicers increment the pulp extraction, adding to the juice’s nutrients and vitamins. This is also because the slow juicer pomegranate is less exothermic, releasing less heat, which eats up the nutrients.

The Amount Of Production

There’s no second thought that you’ll prefer a higher yield of pomegranate juice. The best masticating juicers might juice slow, but these bring about even the tiniest of the drop present in the pulp. 

Noisy or not?

Do you want to get associated with frequent headaches? A juicer produces the more revolutions per minute, the more noise it’ll produce. Search out for the noise-free juicers and even fully packed with the other specs mentioned in this buying guide. 

Cleaning Procedures

Spilling your time to clean the juicer, is it fair? Why let a second even pass by. So busy everyone is these days. You might have heard many of the surrounding people, and even you say, “they/we are short of time.” When time is so precious, so why not claim every microsecond of your own. 

The best juicers for pomegranate contain dishwater parts and are versatile, so cleaning hasn’t been a problem these days. So, look out for the constructions, the elements, and the different specs to determine the cleaning difficulty in a pomegranate juicer.

The usage – Easy or Tough

A couple of the most renowned types of juicers are masticating juicers and centrifugal juicers. The usage, the operation, and every other objective are simple to be carried out. Nearly all of the juicers comprised manual instructions to let their users settle with the assembly and the configuration.  

The Brand Name

Everyone runs behind the brand these days. Well, buying from the reputed companies can be described as a fashion these days. But there’s no doubt about the quality that they provide. And the ones who are habitual of purchasing products that came from renowned companies, feel satisfied and convinced. 

The Price

Whatever the price or the cost your favorite juicer is labeled with, just try grabbing the one that is worth the notes and the pennies you forward. The range is vast in which the juicers lie. If you perceive all the necessary and even the bonus qualities in your pomegranate juice machine, extending your budget a little won’t be pessimistic.

Can you use a juicer for pomegranates?

Why not. You can use multiple juicers for extracting the juice from the seeds of the pomegranate. By the way, hand juicers are best-fitted for this job. The seeds that are part of pomegranate are known as arils and are neither too hard nor too easy to extract the liquid from.

Do you have to peel a pomegranate before juicing?

The fruits that are accompanied by rigid and stiff skins are tougher to juice. Without forcing the shell out, you can’t juice, and for instance, you selected an enormous commercial pomegranate juicer to extract the juice with its cover, then you might be ruining the taste of the fluid. 

Use enough capacity to reduce the probability of the wastage of even a single drop extracted from the seeds.

What are the side effects of pomegranate juice?

Regular consummation keeps away several diseases such as diabetes and improves your digestion and gut health, etc. By the way, some people aren’t compatible with pomegranate juice. Every person is different in their approach to every other thing. Similarly, every other person possesses a different nature. Few, unlike the pomegranate juice due to their typical sensitivity. 

Many feel like vomiting on drinking or eating those substances or solutions that they dislike. Likewise, few are assisted with itching, swelling, and breathing issues. So, these side effects vary with nature and the human system.

Can you drink pomegranate juice on an empty stomach?

Being saturated with antioxidants, you’ll find it valuable. Consuming it on an empty stomach is even more stopped up with several other healthy trump cards. Pomegranate juicer lets you surpass the circulatory system issues and avoid intestine cancer. Juicing pomegranate juice through a pomegranate juicer machine further multiplicates the strength you can avail. 

To finalize, we can judge that drinking pomegranate juice on an empty stomach is just like a herbal solution to your internal and external instability.

Is it acceptable to drink pomegranate juice every day?

Pomegranate is one of the blessings awarded to us by nature. Choose wisely the professional pomegranate juicer that can be exactly pin-point in extricating the juice from your pomegranate—many fear the side effects of drinking it every day. Accessing anything in such a deal that’s too excessive is just not ripping.

What you can do is consume at least 2-ounce pomegranate juice. It’ll be considerate towards your health issues; for instance, it’ll reduce cholesterol level, blood pressure issues and further lessens the probability of heart diseases. Further, numerous supremacy exists as well.


Get done with buying the best juicer for pomegranate today. You’ll never regret trusting the top brands we have shared above. Pomegranates are real immunity boosters and are also known to fight cancer because they are a potent cocktail of vitamin C and antioxidants. Its great anti-inflammatory properties are going to keep you off from infections. Enjoy organic pomegranate juice anyhow.


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