The 10 Best Juicers For Traveling 2021 | Reviewed

Add taste to your life! We’ll build upon this theory. By the way, the taste is just what you look for in a juice? Obviously not. I am trying to say that buying juices from the shopkeepers or anywhere outdoors is absolutely not feasible. You are not known for what they are handling you with. 

Buying a juicer for diet routines is highly quotidian. The main aim is to enhance health and being active throughout. The problem that arises is juicing while traveling. But from now, it isn’t as mysterious as it seems to be a few years back. 

We are up here for you to bring about the best one. The ones that are the best portable juicers, the ones that bridge with your health, and the ones that create a long-lasting impact. All this requires a lot of knowledge to be taken before taking that significant step to the purchase. 

Join us to discover the best juicer for traveling, lessening the burden upon you both in carrying and following the diet.

Top 10 Superior Juicers For Escorting You While Traveling

1. Tribest SW-2000 Slowstar

Tribest SW-2000 Slowstar,...
  • DUO-BLADE ULTEM AUGER: The vertical cold...
  • MINCING ATTACHMENT: Increase the...
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Electric slow masticating...
  • LIVE TRIBEST LIFE: At Tribrest, we...

Live a life full of strength. Health is the best asset that an individual is blessed with. Many regret not improving it during an older period of life. Tribest authorizes you to pick up the level of health through its slowstar juicer. 

It’s a lovely juicer that possesses a motor of 200 watts. It produces 47 revolutions per minute, ensuring minimum heat builds up maintaining nutrients in the juice. This is even the reason that this juicer is known as Slowstar. 

The auger duo blades are sharp. They end up with their task quickly by crushing the ingredients to their full extent. This makes it one of the best juice extractors as well.

Additionally, it has been infused with an exciting feature of mining attachment that’ll let you prepare any recipes out of your own. Further, the juice caps fix tightly, preventing leakages and the creation of a mess. With that, the juice caps are removable, ensuring ease in cleansing. 

It’s a perfect package for you to enthrill you with lively and healthy juices.

  • The material it is built-up is 100 percent BPA free
  • It keeps the noise levels down
  • Simple assembly
  • Provides ten years warranty
  • Reduces the time consumed while cleaning
  • It gets hot
  • Many found the quality unsatisfactory

2. OBERLY Smoothie Juicer

Portable Blender, OBERLY...
  • Small but mighty powerful: This powerful...
  • Simple and safe to use: Single-button...
  • Durable and built to last: Made from...
  • Goes wherever you go: This compact...
  • Portable and Multi-functional: This...

A rechargeable juicer perfectly sets out on a frame of traveling.  Just set out juicing fruits, vegetables or nuts, etc. You’ll prepare up to 12 glasses at maximum while the charge lasts.

And, remember that juice preparation will only be consuming 90 seconds of yours.

The juicer has been a tremendous success. The qualities and the various specs that it holds exaggerate the function and the operation of the juicer. The single button function makes it super-quick and efficient. The juicer is infused with such sensors that prohibit the juicer from working until it is tightly assembled.

The juicer features strength and high stability through the help of BPA free, non-toxic materials. The stainless steel blade is even gathered up with other features for a robust juice preparation. 

Set out with a portable blender by Oberly. Just unzip your bag and start juicing.

  • Quiet performer
  • No overheating issues
  • Sturdy and robust motor
  • Mainly for traveling purposes
  • It’s pricey, indeed

3. Personal Juicer Blender, Travel Portable USB Mixer

Personal Juicer Blender,...
  • ♥Updated Blades And Motor♥--6 pcs...
  • ♥Simple To Clean♥--It can put the...
  • ♥Portable, Mini, Convenient♥--This...
  • ♥Build In Rechargeable...
  • ♥Professional and Easy To Use♥--Only...

The people these days demand unrivaled multitasking capabilities in each and everything associated with them. The Beckhool juicer stands under your nominees to be your kitchen appliance. 

This is a black color stainless steel portable juicer, exhibiting class both externally and internally. Prepare milkshakes, multiple juices, smoothies, or baby food. Moreover, weighing around just 640 grams makes it portable, mini, and satisfactory. Portability is further intensified through its cord non-existence. 

Furthermore, it’s a rechargeable juicer that contains a 4000mAh battery that’s rechargeable through a USB cord. You can go blending 20 times while one charge of a battery. This feature makes it highly favorable to be carried anywhere around.

Just one single click is the requirement to get it on blending and crushing. The process goes on for 20 seconds and then comes to a halt automatically. After juicing, it’s your job to shake the bottle thoroughly.

  • Highly robust and powerful
  • Easy to clean
  • Safe to use
  • The USB port is on the bottom of the machine, creating problems while charging
  • It leaks

4. Juicer Slow Masticating Juicer Machine

Juicer Machines 2 in 1 Slow...
  • 🍎【New Upgrade Spiral...
  • 🍊 【Juice/Pulp Separation &...
  • 🍐 【Easy to Use】 Sagnart Juicer...
  • 🍍【Safe & Quiet & Easy to Clean】...
  • 🍇 【Friendly Reminder】If You Have...

Creating and evolving into that creation is that the era is all about. The Sagnart is up with a lovely 2020 upgraded asset that’s 2 in 1 electric and a citrus juicer. It is one of the best slow juicer, i.e., wear-resistant, functioning with around 100 revolutions per minute. 

From being the best slow juicer, it is one of the best masticating ones as well. What it does best is the extraction. It is such a valuable system in letting you loot high nutrients, ignoring calories for health betterments. 

One of the most delicate features is that it is up with a speed and a stuck controller. The machine lets you set the pace as per your wish, whether fast or slow. Similarly, it makes it possible for dexter to free up the stuck ingredient through an “R” press. 

With its safe and quiet operation, bring about a change in taste and experience while juicing. Even simplify the cleaning procedures through removable parts. Bring about an immense addition to your healthy lifestyle.

  • Won’t sound too much
  • It is easy to put it together
  • This juicer is absolute with its slow operation
  • One of the best juicer extractors
  • Weighs 18.9 pounds

5. Portable Mini Blender Travel Juicer Smoothie Maker

Portable Mini Blender,Personal...
  • ★ PERFECT MATERIALS----This portable...
  • ★ RECHARGEABLE ----The USB juicer cup...
  • ★ UPGRADED 6 BLADES--- The travel...
  • ★ PORTABLE AND MINI----Small and light...
  • ★ EASY TO USE AND CLEAN----just press...

A six-blade stainless steel machine is, for instance, a lively juicer fixing your diet issues while traveling. Its pink color outer shell and nonpoisonous, safe ABS material ensure safety and adequate health.

The rechargeable batteries that charge through a USB cable makes it inevitable to be carried out anywhere. Furthermore, each charge will let you blend 20 times through the exceptional quality of 6 sharp razor blades. 

With that, the operation is relatively simple as well. Just keep a hold of the button for three seconds to let it begin. You should even shake the bottle well and thoroughly during its operation. This will simplify the ingredients better. 

As far as cleaning the juicer is concerned, you have to do nothing except separating the parts and washing them under tap water. 

To withdraw the advantages through Little Bees’ user-friendly juicer, just what you need is to purchase it out in exchange for thirty-one dollars.

  • One of the best portable juicer
  • Works powerfully
  • It isn’t time-consuming
  • Few users aren’t satisfied with the performance

6. USB Electric Safety Juicer Cup

USB Electric Safety Juicer...
  • ★Environment- friendly Material :made...
  • ★More Convenient: electric portable...
  • ★Powerful Functions : this product can...
  • ★Waterproof and Washable : our blender...
  • ★Safety Design: the machine has a...

Multiple factors count to judge a juicer. We have to be highly vigilant in looking out for even the smallest dots that can hinder the performance and make a juicer annoying.

This variant of Little Bees also lays out the various specs that make it one of the best. The material used for its foundations shows high resilience against high temperatures and other irregular face-offs. 

One of the lightweight juicers with a USB recharge facility encourages users to look after their health without obstacles. Additionally, you can prepare anything from fruit juices to smoothies to anything you love the most. Bring about a change in life—lose fats and lower down your calorie level.

One more thing that annoys the user is the cleaning procedures. So for your benefit, the juicer has been constructed water-resistant and easily washable. So, be up with your tasks without worrying about cleaning procedures.

  • Has a double protection function for safety
  • It just weighs 1.43 pounds
  • The capacity is perfect, as well
  • Various users are unhappy with the power
  • Many even found it time-consuming

7. Portable Blender Mini Personal Blender

Portable Blender Mini Personal...
  • ❤【Compact Size & Lightweigh】--...
  • ❤【USB Rechargeable】--Built in...
  • ❤【Safety Design】-- We fully...
  • ❤【BPA-free & Multi-purpose】-- All...
  • ❤【Easy to clean】-- Our travel...

The ideal juicer is what you are in search of. The Godmorn will be a pick that’ll prove worthwhile. Carry half a kg in your bag. Just pick it up, and it’ll seem to you that as though it weighs nothing. 

Moreover, a 1200 mAh battery that fully catches up with the power in 3 hours. You can juice around 10-15 times until the battery shows a red sign. Along With that, the juicer is designed in such a delicate way, letting it seem and showcase the shine it possesses. 

Well, sometimes the outshine is deceiving, but for the case of Godmorn, you’ll not find it cheating you. The materials use 100% safe and nonpoisonous, and won’t be compromising on your health.  Even the system won’t work until the blades are tightly fixed onto their place, protecting you against mishaps. And it automatically turns off after 40 seconds to prevent battery drain. 

Going more into the depth of quality, you must know that the juicer is raised through BPA free materials with stainless steel blades, ensuring high-quality performance. The juicer is multi taking, letting you juice or prepare anything of your wish.

  • Cleaning is relatively easy
  • Carry it anywhere
  • Charge lasts up to 10-15 juices
  • Charges quickly
  • It seems to go off within a few months of use

8. Juicer Machines Centrifugal Juice Extractor for Whole Fruit

Juicer Machines Centrifugal...
  • 🍎 【Health and Nutrition】 The...
  • 🍎 【Dual Speed Juicing Modes &...
  • 🍎 【Overload and Overheat...
  • 🍎 【Safety Protection】Keep The...
  • 🍎 【Easy To Use and Clean】Sagnart...

The Sagnart presents a cheap and portable juicer that’ll be adding up to your kitchen appliances. It is manufactured through ABS and stainless steel to ensure your safety and long-lasting life of a juicer. The blades are one of the other essentials that matter. The stainless steel anti-corrosion blades boost up the performance. 

The juicer authorizes you to select the speed as per your requirement. Sagnart values the demands of its users. The jog mode is another exciting feature that is quite interesting as well. The Jog mode lets you get the ingredients freed from when they are stuck in a  juicer net.

Further, the overheating protection feature is of help as well. It’ll cool your juicer down by shutting it off when the juicer starts overheating. Yet the features don’t end. The juicer won’t run until it is entirely locked. Even an anti-drip function confirms that there is no leakage in the system.

This juicer seems to be a valuable pick. Be quick in making up your mind, or else the stock will be showing nil.

  • It contains a cleaning brush for cleaning purposes
  • The juicer even has a slag collection cup
  • Operates quietly
  • It is worth investing
  • The durability has been questioned

9. Personal Blender, Aicook Smoothie Blender with Stylish Mason Cup

The Aicook has mainly been popular and has gained fame all around the globe. Similarly, Cooks blender/juicer has been of great help to its user. The motor that it has in itself a powerful motor that operates at its maximum power of 800 watts.

Additionally, the juicer extracts the juice at a quick speed with around 24000 revolutions per minute. It just consumes 20 seconds of yours to mingle up the ingredients and crushes them. Not only this, the four-dimensional blades even add up to the performance through its serrated edges. These blades get across the elements in a jiffy while keeping up with nutrients and vitamins.

The juicer is not alone in its existence in the box as a mason cup, and a travel bottle is there to assist it. The cup and the bottle are BPA free and let the user prepare and carry the juice in these containers. 

Finally, the juicer is super-easy to function. Just exerting some force on the bottle downwards and twisting it will convert the ingredients into 20 ounces of juice or smoothies or whatever.

  • Offers two years warranty
  • It is highly endured and durable
  • Crushes the ingredients finer and simpler
  • It becomes difficult to drink from the bottle

10. BELANKO Personal Size Blender

The Belanko juicer is lovely looking and a fine manufactured piece capable of producing tasty juices and smoothies. The quick 20000 revolutions and razor-sharp blades are useful in accessing all the nutrients the ingredients possess.

This Belanko blender is a portable and compact machine that can be carried anywhere. The addition of extra light and a cup lid supports portability. Just extract the juice and replace the blades lid with a cup lid, and you’ll be all set to take it with yourself.

Furthermore, it won’t be consuming electrical volts and won’t be adding on to your electricity bills. It is just because of the 2000mAh battery that it contains. It’ll be consuming the only couple of hours of yours to get fully charged and will let you blend for around 15 times while the charge continues.

The blender is packed up with multiple features. Another one that counts is a security protection mechanism prohibiting the blender to automatically begin its operation until all the parts are tightly assembled. You have to double-click the switch twice to let it start. 

It’s your time to begin operating the Belanko blender for your juices and shakes.

  • It is light weighted
  • It is 100 percent safe and BPA free
  • Cleaning is not a problem
  • Can’t exceed over 32 ml

Selecting Out The Dominant Juicer Amongst The Profusion Of The Best Ones

An excess of juicers has flooded the markets. A huge diversified collection awaits you. Moving through all dimensions and accessing the depth is sometimes the sole factor in sanctioning you to purchase the pre-eminent one.


Motor power

The motor is the most worthy component of a juicer. By the way, for traveling purposes, it is highly preferred to choose a juicer that’s manually operational or is rechargeable. During a journey, you might not be having electrical connections. Moreover, a motor even adds to the weight of a juicer. These both might create a disturbance while you are on a journey.

Also relating to case two, the motor juicer. These types of juicers are widely used. For this, you should look out for the best slow juicer. The motor with less power is advantageous as these juicers produce wholesome amounts of nutrients.

Quality factors

Your juicer must be heavy-duty. Stainless steel should be preferred over plastic or any other material. Check out that the lid is tight enough, or there aren’t any factors that may leak. Additionally, the material used should be non-toxic and poisonous, keeping up with the health of yours. Scroll below, and you’ll find the ten best types of juicers.

The estimate of expenditure

The next thing that can act as a barrier is its rates. Everyone sets out a budget for themselves, and so do you. Usually, a range is set out to vary it with the quality or a finer juicer or any other product. Choosing the best affordable juicer is the target. It depends upon your effort. We have tried to reduce that effort you have to put by presenting you ten best cheap juicers below. Now it’s purely your decision.

No mess

There’s no need to drain your time with the crucial drops of water cleaning the juicer. It’ll be weary and tired as well. Nominate a juicer that’s rather simple in letting you put the mess off.

No weighty juicer

Will you love to bear weight while being on a journey. Look out for a lightweight, portable, and compact juicer for traveling. Or else you’ll be fed up carrying the bulky juicers. Create ease for yourself. Be quick juicing with your portable juicer. And be eligible with the weightage of the specific mode of transport.

The capacity and the noise

The capacity of a juicer is highly significant and valued. The higher the volume prepared through a juicer, the more the nutrition you avail. So the capacity is a real feast to you. 

The noise is another factor that is to be considered. While selecting a juicer, ensure that the juicer won’t be a source of headache for you.

How do you juice on the go?

Juicing while moving from one place to another or camping is no longer listed in the challenging tasks. What you have to do is just carry your best juicer to travel with you. You can then feed your juicers with the ingredients by buying through the local area or any other arrangements. It’ll not be difficult at all to juice while traveling.

Is it wrong to drink celery juice every day?

Taking anything in an excessive amount might be harmful. Taking a considerable amount of juice is recommended. You’ll be avoiding many sorts of diseases through these nutritious juices. The probability of cardiovascular disease, liver disease, and several infections shrinks. Hence, long-lasting healthy life.

What is the best portable juicer?

There is no second thought or opinion in this regard. Best portable juicers are highly efficient and are simply more productive than a one which weighs high. This modern world demands variety in portability and compact juicers.

It’s your choice, your will, and your desire for what to choose and what not to. But, I’ll recommend you to note portability down in your brains if it is missing.

Can you lose weight by juicing?

Juicing has been a vital source of consuming nutrients and vitamins. It has been used widely for following diet routines. So, of course, losing weight is inevitable through juicing. Juicing truncates the calorie level, shielding you against nasty diseases, minimizing the earth’s downward pull on you.

Is Juicing cheaper than buying juice?

The answer is yes. Purchasing juices outdoors rates too much, and with that, you are even not sure what methods have been used to grind what sorts of ingredients. Buying ingredients of your own and possessing a juicer will surely bring down your expenditure and enhance your health.


All the hard work has been produced from my side just for you to achieve success in nominating out the best juicer for travel. It depends upon you to act as per the buying guide and fully aware of the various types of juicers through the reviews of the ten best ones. I hope it’ll be of great help to you and let you select out the best friend that values your health.

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