10 Best Blender for Smoothie Bowls 2021 | Buying Guide

Blend all the ingredients well to reveal the total potential of nutritional inputs

Are you in search of a blender for your smoothie bowls? No need to waste your money by ordering a smoothie from invalid sources. Buy the best blender for smoothie bowls, and make your smoothie bowls whether during the breakfast or to get energized after tiring activities.

Take in different nutrients, proteins, fats and carbohydrates through the use of best acai bowl blender that can proficiently blend the ingredients. The professional and the portable blender is somewhat the best blender for the frozen fruit letting you mingle and merge to form a perfect puree or a smoothie.

Smoothie bowl blender does make breakfast nourishing and nutritive though you’ll need to keep in your mind that your sugar level doesn’t shoot up as smoothies contain a high level of carbohydrates. 

List Of 10 Best Blender for Smoothie Bowls

Scroll below and go through our reviews of the best blender for smoothie bowls. These are the best high-performance blenders making it simple for you to make your smoothies, working effectively in amalgamating the ingredients.

1. Ninja Mega Kitchen System (BL770) Blender

Ninja BL770 Mega Kitchen...
  • 72 ounce total crushing pitcher...
  • Eight cup food processor bowl provides...
  • 2 16 ounce Nutri Ninja cups with to go...
  • Dishwasher safe and BPA free parts. Hand...
  • Includes: 1500-Watt Motor Base, 72-Oz....

The Shark Ninja blender is highly known for the manufacturing of high-quality ninja products for the people to bring a revolution in household appliances. The ninja blender set adds adaptability into the kitchen.

Ninja blender is the best blender and a food processor for frozen fruit. The ninja blender provides XL blending, crushing ice precisely and letting your smoothies taste fantastic. Moreover, it is an 8 cup food processor bowl with a couple of blades which also authorize chopping for food and blends 2 pounds dough in just a half of a minute.

It is extremely simple for you to make dips, juices and smoothies due to this best ice crusher blender. Customize your own speed levels by selecting from 4 options available in a 1500 watt machine. Furthermore, it is super easy to remove all the mess due to the dishwater-safe parts.

The ninja blender is even equipped with a recipe guide and is also a part of Amazon’s choice, so selecting this one will surely let you blend effectively.

  • It can pulverize anything you put in
  • Contains sharp blades
  • Consists of the high performing motor making the operation fairly easy
  • Makes too much noise

2. Immersion Hand Blender

Immersion Hand Blender,...
  • EASY TO CLEAN & SAFE. Detachable...
  • MORE POWERFUL. 250 Watt powerful hand...
  • HIGH-EFFICIENCY BLENDER. Thick stainless...
  • 5-in-1 ATTACHMENT & WARRANTY: mixing...

A cheaper hand blender makes it much easier for you to purchase the best blender for smoothies easily. It is one of the Amazon choices.

It is a 4 sharp-bladed machine with 8-speed variable speed control.the 4 sharp blades chop so precisely and mingle everything so that your smoothies become finer and smooth. The 8-speed variable speed with 250 watts makes it more powerful to mesh and stir the ingredients and even helps in making milkshakes and soups.

Additionally, the blender doesn’t cause any noise pollution so you won’t be having any migraine or headache. It is a highly efficient and effective kitchen home appliance letting you save time while cooking tasty and delectable drinks and smoothies.

  • Multi-functional product
  • Easy to clean
  • The container doesn’t contain enough capacity

3. Ninja Professional 72 Oz Countertop Blender

Ninja BL610 Professional 72 Oz...
  • PROFESSIONAL POWER: 1000 watts of...
  • XL CAPACITY: The 72 oz professional...
  • ICE CRUSHING: Blast ice into snow in...
  • RECIPE INSPIRATION: The included recipe...

Have you ever used ninja or anyone recommended you? The ninja blender is the best blender for the smoothie bowls and is one of the best portable blenders available in the market.

It is a hardy blender with a 72 oz. pitcher, operating at 1000 watts with six serrated blades and 4 different speed options, crushes ice and squashes the food and the other ingredients with utmost quickness and easy. 

The ninja countertop blender’s motor base can simply be cleaned by the use of damp cloth. The blender is highly known and used all around the world, for it can easily blast through the ingredients to let you prepare smoothies, sauces, dips and drinks swiftly.

  • Simple maintenance
  • It isn’t expensive
  • Blends perfectly
  • Very well designed
  • Poor quality pitcher
  • The blender isn’t highly durable

4. Instant Ace Plus 10-in-1 Smoothie and Soup Blender

Instant Pot Ace Plus 10-in-1...
  • From the makers of Instant Pot: This...
  • Easy: 10-in-1 one touch buttons to...
  • Tasty smoothies: This powerhouse...
  • Silky smooth or chunky soups - Add fresh...
  • Patio drinks to your home: Frozen...

The 10 in 1 blender by Instant Ace is a hot and a cold blender providing you with a perfect heating system. The 10 in 1 button permits you to make tasty dips, sauces and smoothies.

Instant Ace blender is equipped with a 10-speed customizable countertop letting you blast through the ingredients. It has 3 -in- 1 food tamper, measuring cup, a cleaning brush, and a machine-washable strainer bag.

Therefore, all these properties are useful in continuous and quick chopping with no mess at all.  The device functions at 120V and 60-hertz power supply letting you make your dips, sauces, and smoothies without any hindrance.

The Instant Ace blender works instantly and is specialized in producing luscious smoothies.

  • The blender is hard wearing and strong
  • Blender has an app that can let you view recipes
  • The cleaning brush makes cleaning easy
  • It provides faster heating and is raised and designed to look good
  • Very loud
  • The plastic around the motor gets melted

5. Chefman Electric Spiralizer & Immersion Blender

Chefman Vegetable Slicer...
  • HIGH POWER: The quiet, powerful 300-watt...
  • SIMPLIFIED SPIRALIZING: The easy-to-grip...
  • BETTER BLENDING: This is the ultimate...
  • EASY-TO-CLEAN: The included and...
  • RESOURCES: cETL approved with advanced...

The immersion blender by a Chefman is operational upon 300 watts. On purchasing a club Chefman blender you’ll be able to learn multiple recipes and a cookbook feature will let you get video tutorials and even save those videos and recipes. 

This product is operational at 120 volts. Moreover, the spiralizing gets much easier with the ergonomic handle with two-speed push-button. The immersion blender lets you grind the ingredients to its full. You can blend, chop, whip and beat to enjoy the endless taste of sauces, smoothies, creams and salads.

The blender has removable parts, consequently leading to easier cleanup. The blender is hard-wearing and even comes with a one year warranty.

  • Best blender for ice crushing
  • Spiralized features makes this blender even more interesting
  • All the functions are awesome and easy to handle
  • Quite weak

6. Oster Pro 1200 Blender

Oster Pro 1200 Blender with...
  • This Oster blender and food processor...
  • Features an 8-cup, BPA-free Tritan...
  • Extra-wide 3.5” jar allows ingredients...
  • Includes a 5-cup food processor with...
  • Dual Direction Blade technology for...

An Oster pro blender is the best blender set for smoothies. The blender lets you operate at 7 different speeds and the pre-programmed buttons and settings make it utmost easy to handle.

It is supplied with an 8-sup, BPA free Tritan plastic dishwater jar to enhance clarity and durability. Apart from the plastic, the extra-wide 3.5 inches jar increases the space and can lead to quick and absolute blending.

The 1200 watt supply and a dual direction blade technology are credited, for it is the best blender for smoothies and the best food processor.

  • It isn’t very expensive
  • Blends effectively
  • Large capacity
  • The blender is not highly durable
  • Hard to search for replacement parts

7. Breville BBL620 Fresh & Furious Blender

Breville BBL620SIL the Fresh...
  • The Breville Fresh and Furious is where...
  • QUIET AND EFFICIENT: The blade design...
  • 1-TOUCH VERSATILITY: Pre-programmed...

Breville has always kept its aim of making kitchen work easy by producing user-friendly kitchen appliances. It is the best portable blender that chops the ingredients with dexterity.

The kinetic blades and a bowl system makes it a powerful blender and also lets it be the best food processor as well. Moreover, the stainless steel blades are as sharp as a razor that chops up the ingredients with super ease with the help of a high torque motor.

Furthermore, the preprogrammed buttons enable you to carry out desired tasks and that’s what is the common factor which leads it to be one of the best blenders for smoothies. The Breville blender is quiet and efficient and provides an LCD display and can be easily cleaned up and maintained. 

Choosing a Breville blender as your kitchen appliance will surely worth your money.

  • Perfectly designed blender guarantees high endurance
  • Simple storage and easy to clean it up
  • Super sharp blades
  • The lid or the top of the blender is very much tight to access the blender

8. NutriBullet ZNBF30500Z Blender Combo

NutriBullet ZNBF30500Z Blender...
  • NutriBullet blender combo will take your...
  • Three precision speeds, A pulse function...
  • Includes: (1) 1200W motor base, (1) 64...
  • The easy-twist Extractor blade is made...
  • Hassle-free cleaning - simply place...

You must know how sharp, and precise a bullet is. So just think how precise and well built a Nutribullet blender can be. 

Just let your blender speak by the way it operates and let you go on with the cookies. Your family members will complement the precious taste of the smoothies but if you use this best Nutribullet blender. Letting you know about the power is somewhat substantial.

The blender is packed with plenty of power to chop fruits and other ingredients. The material that it is made up of is hard wearing and the pitchers, blades, programmable controls are enough to enlist it into this list of the best blender for smoothie bowls.

Blend and chop according to your requirement, the blender won’t be an obstacle in your way, so going on with this one won’t be a bad option.

  • The sharp blades make blending fairly perfect
  • It is super easy to clean
  • This Nutribullet blender has multiple standout features
  • Durability has been questioned

9. NutriBullet ZNBF30400Z Blender

Vitamix E310 Explorian...
  • Variable speed control: ten variable...
  • Pulse feature: layer coarse chops over...
  • The 48-ounce container is ideal for...
  • Hardened stainless-steel blades: our...
  • Self-cleaning: with a drop of dish soap...

While being in a kitchen for smoothies making, you’ll now be having a Nutribullet blender that can exert more power and blend with extreme precision.

The Nutribullet has a lot to offer as the best blender for smoothie bowls. The Nurtribullet works on 12000W power with a tri speed adjustable options that will save your time and make blending even easier. As far as durability is in regards then it must be cleared that the 64 oz. pitchers and cups are made of BPA free plastic increasing the longevity of the blender.

Get energized in a morning with your favourite smoothies or have a sense of freshness after the work-out, all will fit the best as Nutribullet as per its name is similar to a bullet’s sharpness as far as its blades are concerned helping in the formation of healthy smoothies.

  • Best blender for ice crushing
  • 1-year warranty
  • Provides precision in blending
  • Starts leaking just after a few months

10. Vitamix E310 Explorian Blender

Vitamix blender is one of the best blenders for smoothie bowls. Vitamix Explorian blender is jammed packed with instinctive controls thrilling power and is heavy-duty. Just knowing recipes isn’t enough but having a Vitamix blender is somewhat that’s necessary if you are looking to eat some tasty and mouth-watering smoothies.

Now, what matters is the features it has. Firstly, there’s no need of daunting for the blender’s capacity as the blenders are supplied with 48 ounces container which would empower you to mesh smoothies ingredients and prepare a considerable amount for your family

Apart from the capacity, the Vitamix blender lets you alter speed according to your will. It is also equipped with a unique feature named as tamper that carries out blending out thicker blends precisely. Now, moving onto the blades, Vitamix blender has laser-cut blades allowing quick and precise blending. 

Yet I am not done, the motor is high performing and is lightning quick. Moreover, cleaning is super easy and there’s no need to separate the parts to clean the blender.

  • Extremely easy to clean and assemble
  • Well designed and is considered as the best portable blender
  • Superb blending capability
  • Loud

Buying Guide For The Best Blender For Smoothie Bowls in 2020

For you to enjoy a delectable acai bowl in the morning so it is necessary to have the best blender. There are a number of factors that you must ut before buying a blender.

No need to hurry, or make any chaos, buy the one that fits your needs and requirements and is considered as one of the best blenders for smoothie bowls.

Though the blenders in the list follow all the factors but then also, it is our responsibility to let you aware of what should you look for before buying a blender.

Consider the following factors:

Blender’s power and strength

As far as speed is considered, it is important to look for a blender that has around 3-6 speed options. More than that is a blessing, however lesser than that won’t be suitable as far as users demands are highlighted.

For you to enjoy the delectable smoothies then the blender’s motor must be sturdy and powerful and at least require 500 watts to operate so it meshes the ingredients rapidly with ease.

Blender’s ability and capability

As far as blender’s ability is concerned, the multi-tasking blender is highly recommended. The blender must crush the ice, it should be portable and can effectively blend. The blender must be capable of letting its user in cooking sups, preparing for drinks and smoothies.

Blender’s capacity

Choose a blender with the widest area possible so it can let the blade chop the ingredients to its extreme finest. Select a single-serve blender that can vary in size from 3-14 cups. The blender with the highest capacity can be the best blender for smoothies.

Blender’s cleanliness

Cleanliness is the basic part of life and it is obvious that nobody likes their surroundings and the objects placed to be dirty and filthy. Most of the blenders are issued with a cleaning process however some are not. Mainly cleaning is done manually so it is up to you how you clean it. Some blenders do offer cleaning brushes or the steps to clean them to prevent the device from issues.

Blender’s noise

Noise pollution has increased a lot, it is clear that loud noise is distractive and disturbing so it is mandatory to choose a blender with nearly no noise at all.

Blender’s price

Price matters a lot. Check out that the machine you are going to buy worth its rates or not. If it does then there’s no harm in purchasing that blender.

So in order to buy the best blender for smoothie bowls, keep these factors in mind and consult the products mentioned above in the list. 


The best blender for smoothie bowls nowadays is the Ninja Mega Kitchen System (BL770) Blender. Firstly, it is manufactured by shark ninja which is highly famous for its best products, so it is the first and foremost reason to put forward. Secondly and lastly, the Ninja blender confirms the buying guide as it contains most of the qualities the best blender for smoothie bowls must-have. 

So considering Ninja’s blender as the best one amongst them all is not at all the joke.

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