10 Best Artificial Trees for Indoors 2021 | Buying Guide

The simplest way to bring an organic vibe of nature, freshness, and vibrancy in your indoors is to add some lush greenery. But the problem that arises here is the busy life of today where no one really has the time and money to invest in a tree that requires a well-balanced environment to grow which includes providing the right amount of nutrients, soil, light intensity, temperature, and water.

Artificial trees can be a perfect solution to avoid this expensive and time-consuming mistake. Artificial trees in today’s era are almost botanically similar to original trees. No one can actually judge whether the tree is original or artificial from a corner unless you are a dendrophilic.

Indoor plants are known to bring a positive and pleasant ambiance to your space and state of mind. The presence of plants in an environment reduces stress and overall creates a magical and soothing vibe that makes an individual more productive. 

An indoor artificial tree can make a dazzling addition to any office or home without any requirement of watering and potting the plant. So what are you waiting for? Bring the bloom and spark of the outdoors into your indoors to feature the realism and liveliness of nature.

List Of 10 Best Artificial Trees for Indoors

For your convenience, we have listed some of the ten best artificial trees for indoors along with a detailed buying guide to help you choose the right one!

1. LIGHTSHARE Lighted Palm Tree (Amazon’s Choice)

  • The Palm Tree decorated with 96 LED...
  • It come with 7 foot, plug-in use...
  • Easy to install. Stable with 4 ground...
  • Unique design makes attractive...
  • Use for across seasons, always bring the...

Indoor artificial trees have their own unique charm and this LIGHTSHARE Lighted Palm Tree is the living example of it. If you have a huge living area with really tall ceilings, this might be a perfect match to add those LA vibes to your indoors. 

LIGHTSHARE Lighted Palm Tree is up to 7-feet tall, perfect for a large space. The tree has been decorated with 96 LED lights which bring a luxurious and satisfying beautification in dark. It comes with a plug-in adapter which is quite handy. The LED lights have long-lasting working hours without any effect on the brightness. 

The tree comes with 4 ground stakes for the iron stand which are quite easy to install and assemble. The high-quality iron stand is very balanced and strong for long-term use.

This artificial tree can be used for almost all seasons as it is weather resistant which makes it excellent in terms of durability. This tree ensures the LA and Hawaii vibes in your living indoors making it a perfect choice for us as well as Amazon!

  • Excellent durability
  • 96 LED light with long-lasting working hours
  • Distinctive design
  • Easy to install
  • Expensive

2. Nearly Natural Ficus Artificial Tree (Amazon’s Choice)

Nearly Natural 6ft. Ficus...
  • Over 1008 Individual Leaves adorn this...
  • Unlike the real Ficus tree (which is...
  • Measuring six feet in height, this...
  • No Maintenance Required; No Watering....
  • Silk trees are manufactured using...

If you are looking for a stunning artificial tree that could grace any room or indoor space in your home, then this can be a perfect choice. Nearly Natural Ficus Artificial Tree is adorned with over 1008 individual leaves that give this tree a touch of a natural tree. The compactness of the leaves and color variation makes this tree distinctive in the artificial tree niche.

The vibrancy and rich green color of the leaves creates an ambiance of freshness in the space. Moreover, the tree is made from natural trunks that give it a great look. The tree is 6 feet tall which can be perfectly placed in a living room, office, or hallway.

This tree requires zero to minimum maintenance and looks full and fresh no matter what. The leaves are made of plastic material that is quite long-term and durable. 

One downside to this artificial tree is that it does not come with a sturdy decorative pot that does not have the ability to uphold the weight of the tree. So, you need to buy a sturdy pot separately in order to keep your tree perfectly intact and upright.

  • 1008 individual leaves
  • Amazingly affordable
  • No maintenance needed
  • A beautiful natural trunk
  • Realistically twined branches
  • Need to buy a sturdy pot separately

3. Admired By Nature Artificial Tree

Admired By Nature 3’...
  • Artificial Boxwood Topiary plants - Set...
  • Pot overall size: 6 Inches H x 6. 5...
  • Handcraft product - dimension may vary...
  • Actual leaves color might appear darker...

Living in space with no greenery can upset our state of mind. Indoor plants are known to bring several psychological, scientific, social, and ecological advantages to our health. Admired by Nature 3’ Artificial Tree is a topiary plant that comes with a set of 2 trees. This artificial tree has a height of 3 feet which is amazing for a smaller space. 

This compact tree has a broader and balanced base which makes it extra stable and supportive. This artificial tree looks elegant, neat, and fresh at all times and requires no maintenance at all. The tree also does not require any assembly which makes it even more special to buy.

The thick leaves showcase a lush green look that resembles the original plants. The leaves don’t drop and with two trees in the pack, it is an incredible tree choice to try out.

  • Fresh and neat design
  • Set of two tree
  • Double ball shaped topiary trees
  • No assembly required
  • Heavy on the pocket

4. Aveyas Canna Violet Artificial Tree with Purple Flowers

Aveyas 5ft Artificial Canna...
  • 【Highly Realistic Design】 Contains 2...
  • 【Image-2 Item Dimensions】Overall...
  • 【Why Choose Artificial Trees】 They...
  • 【Safe Materials】 All materials are...
  • 【Reminders】 All the leaves and...

If you are looking to add a touch of color along with greenery in your indoors then Aneyas Canna Violet Artificial Tree can be a great choice. You can style this tree at almost any corner of your home or office regardless of a particular theme because this plant actually goes with everything.

This artificial tree has an extremely similar resemblance to an original tree because of the realistic choice of material used in the leaves along with the pot covered in real moss giving the overall tree a life-like appearance.

The 2 purple flowers and 24 textured leaves add a splash of vibrancy and freshness to the indoors. This artificial tree is 5.2 feet tall and is great for medium to large-sized space.

As far as quality and maintenance are concerned, this artificial tree possesses lush green leaves that are made from safe RoHS certified flame-retardant rubber silk fabric, can barely fall, and require almost 0% maintenance.

Another cool feature about this tree is that it comes almost ready, you just need to shape the leaves according to your preference to give it a fuller look.

  • Adds vibrancy, brightness, and warmth in the room
  • Movable leaves
  • Unique design
  • UV sensitive

5. Pure Garden Japanese Bamboo Artificial Tree

Home 50-10015 Pure Garden 5...
  • Light and Mobile Design, Over 1000...
  • Natural Trunk, PVC Leaves, Variegated 5...
  • Dimensions: 60 inches x 35 inches x 35...
  • Enhances any room in your house
  • Pure Garden Artificial Trees - A...

If you are looking for a Japanese Bamboo Tree then this might catch your eyes. This artificial tree is pretty versatile and can be used both indoors and outdoors. It has the authenticity of an actual Bamboo tree that many sellers out there claim to have but do not possess really.

The Pure Garden Japanese Bamboo Artificial tree is extremely light and portable with almost 1000 leaves. The leaves are composed of PVC material which adds durability to this product. This tree can uplift the theme and stand out if placed anywhere in the house.

It possesses a natural trunk with a variegated 5-inch pot which is quite sturdy. This 5 feet tall tree is suitable for your room or office corner giving a very bright look due to the natural green color of the leaves. 

Overall, this artificial tree is feathery and can make a statement piece in any space. It’s the best copy of the most short varieties of bamboo.

  • Graceful and elegant design
  • Screams freshness
  • Black Stems
  • Life-like appearance
  • Only available as a 5ft. version

6. Nearly Natural Fiddle Leaf UV Resistant Artificial Tree

Nearly Natural 5448 4ft....
  • One of nature's more interesting looking...
  • Shop with confidence knowing our...
  • Overall Product Dimensions: 16 In. W x...
  • No Maintenance Required; No Watering....
  • 48" High & 16" Wide. Indoor / Outdoor...

If you want a decent and light artificial tree with minimal foliage, then this might be a suitable fit. Nearly Natural Fiddle Leaf Artificial Tree possesses 14 large green leaves that are quite airy and light. These leaves are UV resistant so you do not have to worry about keeping them in the shade to sustain their rich green color.

This artificial tree screams realism and is the most natural as it could be. It is 4 feet tall making it perfect to place in a small to medium-sized room. It has a single long ‘pruned’ stem and 14 dark olive green leaves.

This artificial tree requires absolutely no maintenance and looks full and fresh indefinitely. It is also weather-friendly which means it is resistant to almost all weather changes. 

Nearly Natural Fiddle Leaf UV Resistant Artificial Tree can also make a perfect gift for a housewarming party due to the high-quality packaging and the overall excellent product!

  • Different choice of plant styles
  • UV protected textured leaves
  • Delicate, yet sturdy
  • Leaves are not manageable enough

7. Silk Bird of Paradise Artificial Palm Tree

Amazon’s Best Seller, Silk Bird of Paradise Artificial Palm Tree is everything you want when it comes to aesthetics and style. This comes as a one plant piece and requires no maintenance whatsoever.

This artificial tree is relatively taller measuring about 5 feet in height. This modern tree has the design of an artificial silk bird which is perfectly suitable for any space be it your room, office, or washroom. 

This artificial tree by Silk Tree Warehouse is extremely durable and long-lasting. It can be used in a variety of spaces without any damage. 

The leaves have been manufactured by high-quality silk that gives this tree a luxurious and silky look. Despite the high-quality finish, this tree is pretty budget-friendly. 

The tree defines elegance and beauty in the purest form and no one can hardly distinguish this tree from a realistic one!

  • Quality silk built
  • Greatly affordable
  • Elegant and high-end look
  • Not quite movable leaves

8. Northwood Calliger Artificial Topiary Triple Ball Artificial Tree

Northwood Calliger Artificial...
  • INSTALL EASILY: This set of fake tree...
  • GET IT RISK-FREE: This beautiful set of...

This artificial tree is the best and the most expensive tree on our list. If you are on a high budget, this can be a perfect choice for you. This Triple Ball Boxwood Tree by Northwood possesses everything you can think about when it comes to buying an artificial tree. 

This tree features UV resistant leaves which keeps the color of the leaves in perfect shade despite keeping the tree in sunlight, unlike other artificial trees whose color fade due to the sun rays. They also resist rain and wind keeping their original color intact without losing its vibrancy.

This artificial tree is 4.6 feet high and comes with a set of 2 identical trees. The trees come absolutely ready and there is no need for any extra assembly. What makes this tree amazing is its 90-day money-back guarantee which is quite a cool deal to attain complete satisfaction.

Overall, this set of artificial trees brings elegance and vibrancy in any surrounding it is kept in. The quality of the leaves is pretty high-end which makes this tree 10x durable. They closely resemble a realistic, life-like tree!

  • Extremely sturdy
  • Protected from sunlight, rain, and wind
  • Great design and style
  • Expensive

9. Silk Tree Warehouse Artificial Silk Palm Tree

One about 6 foot tall...
  • Artificial Silk Phoenix Palm Tree
  • About 6 feet Tall (The height is from...
  • Potted (Container measuring 9 inches...
  • Made of Silk
  • One Tree by Silk Tree Warehouse Company...

This Artificial Silk Palm Tree by Silk Tree Warehouse is everything you wish to have in an artificial tree. This tree can be used for both indoors and outdoors due to its great wear and tear, and high durability. Its sprinkles a touch of freshness and vibrancy into the space it is kept in.

This artificial tree is 6 feet tall and has a broad base which adds in the stability of the tree. The tree leaves have been manufactured from high-quality silk which brings the high-end look into this tree. This tree is durable in all weather conditions, be it rain or sunlight.

This life-like looking tree comes potted and requires no assembly. It can play as a nice background when taking photos or recording a video giving nice Hawaii vibes. 

The tree is lightweight and portable, hence can be placed anywhere you want. The silk-made luxurious leaves do not fall is also a plus point to see when buying an artificial tree!

  • Large potted base
  • Quality silk construction
  • Artificial silk phoenix palm tree
  • No assembly required
  • Catches dust easily

10. TUSY Golden Cane Palm Silk Artificial Trees

TUSY Golden Cane Palm Silk...
  • 6.5ft tall palm tree, Pot Size: 7in x...
  • Adorned with 51 large palm leaves
  • Features 5 natural trunks for a...
  • No sun or watering needed
  • Ideal for home décor or office room

TUSY is well-known for its high-quality artificial trees. TUSY Golden Cane Palm Silk Artificial Tree is one of the most popular items from this manufacturer due to the versatility of this product. 

The tree is 6.5 feet tall that makes it perfect for a medium to large-sized room. The leaves are composed of polyester and plastic which adds in the durability of this product. This palm tree is adorned with 51 large palm leaves that can make a style statement in any room it is placed in. The wide base of this artificial tree brings great stability to the product.

This artificial tree features 5 natural trunks that ensure a realistic look for this tree. It requires absolutely no maintenance or repair surfaces. As it is an artificial tree so you do not require to provide it with sun rays and water. 

This artificial tree by TUSY can be a great decorative piece for your living room or office due to the high-quality material used in its making. Moreover, the tree is resistant to both sun and rain, which means it can be used both indoors and outdoors!

  • Versatile in use
  • Five natural trunks
  • Sturdy and safe
  • Weather-resistant
  • Not cost-effective

10 Best Artificial Trees for Indoors Buying Guide

There are several factors that you need to consider in order to buy a good quality artificial tree that would liven up your room. These factors include:


This is the most important factor to be certain about before buying almost anything. This is the factor on which your entire verdict is based on. So keep in mind that you are investing in something that is long-term and actually worth buying. This state of mind will also allow you to increase or decrease your budget range, considering the qualities of the product. 

Size & Shape

It is necessary to figure out the size before investing money on an artificial tree. Coordinate with your space for the size of the artificial tree. Buy a large-sized artificial tree if you have a large living area because it won’t devour all of your space. Buy a slim and tall artificial tree if you have a tight space because it won’t take up much of your space.


Be certain of the ultimate height of your ceilings so that you can buy a tree with an appropriate height that can mix, match, and go with your space creating an ambiance of outdoors in your very personal indoors.

Style & Vibe

The style of an artificial tree speaks the kind of vibe your room is portraying. Today there is a vast variety of styles and designs available in the market for decorative artificial trees. You think of any idea and voila you can find something exact or almost exact looking at it in the market.

Nowadays artificial trees look greatly similar to a real tree. The color, the theme, and how the leaves blend together plays a great role in how aesthetic your space looks. 

Good Quality

Spend your money on a product that is worth the quality and that you may not regret buying. Have a thorough knowledge of the different material of the leaves so before making a purchase, be certain of what you want. There are trees with much durable material made out of polyester and plastic.

These trees are highly resistant to almost all weather conditions. Apart from the leaves, also have a look at the quality of material used in the construction of the overall tree.

Easy to maintain

Why do you buy an artificial tree? Because you don’t have time to maintain and take care of the real living tree. So look for an artificial tree that is easy to maintain which includes easy to clean and easy to set. So, a plant that is easy to maintain is all you need.

Warranty & Repair

Having a warranty is greatly helpful. If at all your artificial tree needs a maintenance check or a repair service, you should have a good person at hand to take care of it. If you appoint the most low-priced repair-person, his skill or the lack thereof may end up causing more impairment than good.

On the other hand, if the vendor gave you a maintenance warranty, the vendor will also send the person with the right set of skills to do a repair or maintenance job correctly. This would ensure that your artificial tree will be in good condition for much longer.


There is something so stimulating and satisfying about the great outdoors. But due to the busy life in which we live today, people spend much more time indoors.

Therefore, we must bring the organic aura of outdoors to the indoors to improve and enhance the mental and physical state of our health. And what better way to do so is to bring some of the artificial trees to the indoors. The choices are limitless for creating a soothing and serene environment of your home or office.

So, you can pick out any of the artificial trees listed in our detailed review to bring the beauty and charm of the fulfilling outdoors to your boring indoors!

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